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Table number with a message!

table number idea


One way to add a very personal touch to your wedding decor and multipurpose your wedding stationery is to have them do just more than what its intended for. A great example of this is using table numbers to share special details and information about the two of you and your guest would appreciate your  sharing special milestone information with them.

Just as in table names, often with couples naming the tables to reflect some special information about them (places they traveled together, their favorite team information) etc.

Some find it easier using table numbers as the table names can be easily forgotten by guest. In that case you can still achieve similar feel of the table names by using table numbers but adding what that number represent in your relationships etc. A good example is noting some milestone or interesting facts about your relationship that guest would find fun learning and it adds that special touch that shows you took the time to personalize that stationary!

Some examples:

Table 8: the number of Montreal Canadians games we saw together
Table 9: The date in June we got engaged
Table 5: The number of years we have been together

Enjoy been creative with this idea!

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