Turning the Diman Lebanese Center into a fairy land fit for a princess for the day!

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They say a picture is worth more than 10,000 words!- Enjoy these pictures from a wedding from a lovely couple……

Diman Lebanese Center. One of my fav location, a simply beautiful clean space with the Kenny Lake view!


Rentals through Beautiful Linen Rentals, this couple with the help of friends and family put it all together themselves!!


All I can say is “Thank you for letting us be a part of your special day”!FB_IMG_1445602522218 FB_IMG_1445602532189 FB_IMG_1445602537538 FB_IMG_1445602541511 FB_IMG_1445602545051 FB_IMG_1445602553483 FB_IMG_1445602561644 FB_IMG_1445602632454 FB_IMG_1445602652666 FB_IMG_1445602660761 FB_IMG_1445602686324 FB_IMG_1445602860743 FB_IMG_1445602872698 FB_IMG_1445602916460 FB_IMG_1445602926266 FB_IMG_1445602929952 FB_IMG_1445602939429 FB_IMG_1445602942752 FB_IMG_1445602945463 FB_IMG_1445602962402 FB_IMG_1445602965530 FB_IMG_1445602986287 FB_IMG_1445603070576 FB_IMG_1445603073086 FB_IMG_1445603082458


Venue: Diman Lebanese Center
Photography: Emma Rose with AppleHead ‎studios.
Decor and Linen: Beautiful Linen Rentals






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