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A heart warming celebration of love at the Lord Nelson Hotel

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It was really special to get to decorate for Brianne and Derek’s special day. It is quite interesting how I came to meet these 2. Parked at a store they were shopping at, they saw my business sign sticker on my vehicle and gave me a call and the rest is history 🙂 .

Brianne’s mom wanted nothing but the dream wedding for her and it was so much joy to execute the  space design concept.

Brianne is such a trooper, having overcome major life challenges, it is gratifying to see her radiant and enjoying her special day with her major support and rock beside her (Derek). This family will always have a special place in my heart.
I have the pleasure of staying in touch with them through connecting on social media and it gladdens me they are living life to the full and enjoying every bit of it! Wishing them happily ever after.


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Venue- The Lord Nelson Hotel
Wedding Decorator and Designer- Beautiful Linen Rentals
Decor, linen, seating chart …

Aladdin & Jasmine-The Lord Nelson Hotel:The Bespoke Wedding Event

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We are honored to be invited to collaborate once again with top wedding vendors in NS on this event to demo a themed wedding decor.

Claudia Habib, of Simply Weddings, the brain behind this event and a wedding planner extraordinaire had a great concept we jointly executed and the pictures speaks for itself!

Maritime Videography


Design Concept-Claudia Habib
Decorator-Beautiful Linen Rentals and Simply Weddings
Rentals-Linen, decor, backdrop-Beautiful Linen Rentals
………More collaborators listed at the bottom of the post

Michelle-Doucette-Bespoke-2016-01 Michelle-Doucette-Bespoke-2016-02 Michelle-Doucette-Bespoke-2016-03 Michelle-Doucette-Bespoke-2016-04 Michelle-Doucette-Bespoke-2016-06 Michelle-Doucette-Bespoke-2016-09 Michelle-Doucette-Bespoke-2016-11 (1) Michelle-Doucette-Bespoke-2016-11 Michelle-Doucette-Bespoke-2016-12 Michelle-Doucette-Bespoke-2016-13 Michelle-Doucette-Bespoke-2016-14 Michelle-Doucette-Bespoke-2016-15 Michelle-Doucette-Bespoke-2016-22 Michelle-Doucette-Bespoke-2016-24 Michelle-Doucette-Bespoke-2016-25 Michelle-Doucette-Bespoke-2016-26 Michelle-Doucette-Bespoke-2016-27 Michelle-Doucette-Bespoke-2016-34 Michelle-Doucette-Bespoke-2016-39 Michelle-Doucette-Bespoke-2016-44 Michelle-Doucette-Bespoke-2016-47 Michelle-Doucette-Bespoke-2016-48 Michelle-Doucette-Bespoke-2016-49 Michelle-Doucette-Bespoke-2016-51

Michelle Doucette Photography
Simply Weddings, Nova Scotia
Beautiful Linen Rentals
Trinity’s Florals
MacFarlands Special Events
Golden Dog Productions.ca
Wild cakes
DiM Designs Wedding Stationery
Chester & Felicity
HS Studio SalonSpa
Vicky Mina Makeup Artistry
House of Moda
The Lord Nelson Hotel and Suite




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