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A Charming Wedding at the Westin Nova Scotia-Topher & Rae Studios

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Lisa and Corey’s wedding decor was one I enjoyed so much as I also created all the greenery for the tables and many other areas we hung these at, a special one for sure!. I enjoyed working with them, Lisa meet me at a bridal show and booked me within 10 minutes of talking her inspiration over with me, now how can I not be partial to her!

Wishing them both happily ever after.



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A Truly Elegant Wedding at the Westin Nova Scotian

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Maryam and Remon’s wedding was one to remember! Been a guest at a wedding I decorate, I am always grateful to be able to sit back and enjoy the ambiance the couple and my team worked hard at creating, and I still get amazed at how these all pull together elegantly!

This couple went all out to treat all their over 200 guests to the best in food, drink, service, music and over all ambiance for their special day. A cake that looks too good to be cut was beautifully on display. You can’t improve on perfection, so I know the day could not have been more amazing than it was.

Maryam and Remon it was a pleasure to be your designer/decorator and decor suppliers, as well as a wedding guest with my hubby.

Now that this bride has moved to be with the love of her life in sunny California, I get to enjoy staying in touch and seeing how they are enjoying their life together via social media. With you both I added one more …

Aladdin & Jasmine-The Lord Nelson Hotel:The Bespoke Wedding Event

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We are honored to be invited to collaborate once again with top wedding vendors in NS on this event to demo a themed wedding decor.

Claudia Habib, of Simply Weddings, the brain behind this event and a wedding planner extraordinaire had a great concept we jointly executed and the pictures speaks for itself!

Maritime Videography


Design Concept-Claudia Habib
Decorator-Beautiful Linen Rentals and Simply Weddings
Rentals-Linen, decor, backdrop-Beautiful Linen Rentals
………More collaborators listed at the bottom of the post

Michelle-Doucette-Bespoke-2016-01 Michelle-Doucette-Bespoke-2016-02 Michelle-Doucette-Bespoke-2016-03 Michelle-Doucette-Bespoke-2016-04 Michelle-Doucette-Bespoke-2016-06 Michelle-Doucette-Bespoke-2016-09 Michelle-Doucette-Bespoke-2016-11 (1) Michelle-Doucette-Bespoke-2016-11 Michelle-Doucette-Bespoke-2016-12 Michelle-Doucette-Bespoke-2016-13 Michelle-Doucette-Bespoke-2016-14 Michelle-Doucette-Bespoke-2016-15 Michelle-Doucette-Bespoke-2016-22 Michelle-Doucette-Bespoke-2016-24 Michelle-Doucette-Bespoke-2016-25 Michelle-Doucette-Bespoke-2016-26 Michelle-Doucette-Bespoke-2016-27 Michelle-Doucette-Bespoke-2016-34 Michelle-Doucette-Bespoke-2016-39 Michelle-Doucette-Bespoke-2016-44 Michelle-Doucette-Bespoke-2016-47 Michelle-Doucette-Bespoke-2016-48 Michelle-Doucette-Bespoke-2016-49 Michelle-Doucette-Bespoke-2016-51

Michelle Doucette Photography
Simply Weddings, Nova Scotia
Beautiful Linen Rentals
Trinity’s Florals
MacFarlands Special Events
Golden Dog Productions.ca
Wild cakes
DiM Designs Wedding Stationery
Chester & Felicity
HS Studio SalonSpa
Vicky Mina Makeup Artistry
House of Moda
The Lord Nelson Hotel and Suite




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