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A Beautiful Summer Wedding at the Lord Nelson Hotel & Suites-Jaclyn Doyle Photography

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Alan and Siobhan’s  wedding decor is one I am so thrilled to blog on.  A testament that even keeping it simple can definitely result in a well put together and classy room ambiance for the special day.

This couple were easy to work with, booking us from out of province, thank you for trusting us with your special day decor. And they get to enjoy the newly renovated Lord Nelson Hotel ballroom!

Wishing them both happily ever after!SA-Wedding-BridalParty-2 SA-Wedding-BridalParty-11 SA-Wedding-BridalParty-13 SA-Wedding-BridalParty-23 SA-Wedding-BridalParty-25 SA-Wedding-BridalParty-29 SA-Wedding-BridalParty-54 SA-Wedding-BridalParty-55 SA-Wedding-BridalParty-56 SA-Wedding-BridalParty-60 SA-Wedding-BridalParty-65 SA-Wedding-BridalParty-85 SA-Wedding-BridalParty-86 SA-Wedding-BridalParty-87 SA-Wedding-BridalParty-88 SA-Wedding-Ceremony-23 SA-Wedding-Ceremony-33 SA-Wedding-Ceremony-56 SA-Wedding-Ceremony-92 SA-Wedding-Ceremony-93 SA-Wedding-Ceremony-98 SA-Wedding-LadiesPrep-8 SA-Wedding-LadiesPrep-13 SA-Wedding-LadiesPrep-14 SA-Wedding-LadiesPrep-16 SA-Wedding-LadiesPrep-17 SA-Wedding-LadiesPrep-18 SA-Wedding-LadiesPrep-19 SA-Wedding-LadiesPrep-21 SA-Wedding-LadiesPrep-22 SA-Wedding-LadiesPrep-23 SA-Wedding-LadiesPrep-25 SA-Wedding-LadiesPrep-26 SA-Wedding-LadiesPrep-34 SA-Wedding-LadiesPrep-38 SA-Wedding-LadiesPrep-59 SA-Wedding-LadiesPrep-60 SA-Wedding-Reception-1 SA-Wedding-Reception-2 SA-Wedding-Reception-4 SA-Wedding-Reception-5 SA-Wedding-Reception-6 SA-Wedding-Reception-10 SA-Wedding-Reception-12 SA-Wedding-Reception-20 SA-Wedding-Reception-70 SA-Wedding-Reception-110tifu

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A Snazzy Black and Gold Wedding at Pier 21-Nicole Lapierre Photography

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What an amazing time my crew and I had designing and styling this wedding at Pier 21, of course one of my fav venue!. Classic black and white stripped runners, black floorlenght linen and oh! all these gold accents we sooo love!
This couple added a lot of personalized details that made it distinctively theirs! I absolutely love among many others the gold maple leaf place cards, very creative.

Marly is truly a beautiful bride inside and out, the time spent working with her were all positive and a real pleasure! So glad I got to work with you both designing and executing your dreams and inspirations of your special day ambiance.

So romantic for the 2 lovebirds to be able to jet off to Vegas right after their special day to enjoy their honeymoon 🙂 .

Wishing you both happily ever after!!



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Venue: Pier 21
Photography: Nicole Lapierre Photography
Linen and Decor: Beautiful Linen Rentals
Design and Styling : Beautiful Linen Rentals
Cake: Cake Babes





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A Charming Summer Wedding at the Dalhousie Club

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2.6 This couple knew they wanted their special day to go off without a hitch and at the same time enjoy the moments leading up to their “I do”. Even though they had rented all their decor and linen from us at the beginning, closer to the day they contacted us to see if we are available to set it up and take it down. A week-end with 2 other weddings, we pulled it off with the help of the Dal club facility staffs that were gracious with timing allowances and it turned out perfect!!

A beautiful summer day, with light streaming in through the glass panes of the architectural beauty of the old law library, its majestic exposed beams and high ceilings a perfect setting for the vibe this couple were going for. What a charming space!

We enjoyed decorating for their special day. Wishing both Jennifer and Jeffrey a happily ever after!

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Venue: Dal Club
Decoration and Linen: Beautiful Linen Rentals
Florist: Twig and Twine Floristry
Photographer: Partridge Photography


From the bride!..

Hi …

A “fresh & fun” wedding at the Ashburn Golf Club!


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I felt honored to be trusted with Anne and Andy’s special day decor.

This couple booked us while they were in China, with Anne’s sister acting as  “event planner extraordinaire!”

I am impressed at the attention to detail in this wedding.

It was fun decorating for their special day as I was given quite a leeway to make design choices and it all came together beautifully.

They are a joy to work with, very amiable and easy to work with, such a delight! And a beautiful couple well suited.

This is the couple’s 3rd “party” for their wedding, having had 2 in China. I think they just love to party and have their loved ones around to celebrate their special day.

Thank you Anne and Andy for allowing us to be a part of your special day.

Venue: Ashburn Golf Club
Design and decorations: Beautiful Linen Rentals
Linen and Decor Rentals: Beautiful Linen Rentals
Wedding Flowers:
Deans flowers (bridal party flowers/bouquet)
Beautiful Linen Rentals (centerpieces, ceremony mason jars and room decor floral)…

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