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An Elegant DIY!


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Jamie and Josh Timmons special day decor

A Black and Silver Glitz inspired wedding decor

Hello April! Hello Sunshine!! Hello Readers!!!

As always, we cherish the time you spend on our blog and aim to make it worth your while.

As a rental outfit and an event decor designer, I’m not surprised a large number of our clients dream that their special day will be as beautiful as the ones they see in Knot Magazine weddings or on Pinterest Boards. We also believe in aiming for the sky. Unfortunately sometimes there are situations that prevent us from being able to set up their picture perfect wedding day décor. These situations include the distance of the venue from Halifax, budgetary constraints or previously being booked for another wedding on that date.

Having been in those shoes before, and as a Professional in this field, I make it a point to share my honest opinion. Couples, along with their friends and family can achieve these looks (including those featured in our gallery) with some ingenuity and real quality items. …

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