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Turning the Diman Lebanese Center into a fairy land fit for a princess for the day!


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They say a picture is worth more than 10,000 words!- Enjoy these pictures from a wedding from a lovely couple……

Diman Lebanese Center. One of my fav location, a simply beautiful clean space with the Kenny Lake view!


Rentals through Beautiful Linen Rentals, this couple with the help of friends and family put it all together themselves!!


All I can say is “Thank you for letting us be a part of your special day”!FB_IMG_1445602522218 FB_IMG_1445602532189 FB_IMG_1445602537538 FB_IMG_1445602541511 FB_IMG_1445602545051 FB_IMG_1445602553483 FB_IMG_1445602561644 FB_IMG_1445602632454 FB_IMG_1445602652666 FB_IMG_1445602660761 FB_IMG_1445602686324 FB_IMG_1445602860743 FB_IMG_1445602872698 FB_IMG_1445602916460 FB_IMG_1445602926266 FB_IMG_1445602929952 FB_IMG_1445602939429 FB_IMG_1445602942752 FB_IMG_1445602945463 FB_IMG_1445602962402 FB_IMG_1445602965530 FB_IMG_1445602986287 FB_IMG_1445603070576 FB_IMG_1445603073086 FB_IMG_1445603082458


Venue: Diman Lebanese Center
Photography: Emma Rose with AppleHead ‎studios.
Decor and Linen: Beautiful Linen Rentals






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A beautiful french country inspired wedding!


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I am  glad for the opportunity to have decorated for  David and Emma’ s special day.

The couples added these little but special details that made it quite unique.

David and Emma sure had a specific decor concept in mind for a french country inspired ambiance and it was a pleasure to help execute that.

The Diman Lebanese center on Kearney lake road provided a good blank slate that enable the decor to stay true to form.

I can’t even begin to count how many yards of tulle were draped inside this venue. All base linen is ivory, even the tulle and sheers used were all ivory.

Pillars and pretty much all structures that are free standing were draped in tulle and fairy lights. The outside of the venue was draped with 60 ft of sheers on both side which made such a stunning entrance with fairing lights cascading atop the sheers on the building facade.

Ornate lanterns with pillar candles and floral arrangement in soft colors graced each guest table.
Everything was kept very simple, …

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