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A Hollywood Glam Affair!


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Melissa and James Dwyer Special day

A White and Silver Glitz Inspired Wedding

Hello April! Hello Sunshine!! Hello Readers!!!

As always, we cherish the time you spend on our blog and aim to make it worth your while.

It’s not everyday you get to work with a bride that is super excited about her special day. Melissa and James came to us with such enthusiasm about their wedding it became infectious!

As a couple that like to get the ball rolling early, they came to us almost a year before their wedding. It didn’t take Melissa too long to decide that we would be her decorator of choice. After consulting with us in our showroom, her decision came easy.

With a number of emails and phone calls we nailed down the design concept. A few months before the special day, we brought in some very elegant and trendy linens and decor that I was very excited to show Melissa. She was onboard with the new décor and we took the whole design up a notch higher. Melissa …

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