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An Enchanting Indian wedding at the Marriott Harborfront


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Welcome to our June blog post, my favorite month of the year apart from the holidays. The month of June is very special to me as its my month of birth.

I am so happy to have played a part in making Nailla and Adnan’s special day so gorgeous! I could not
have wished for a sweeter bride than Nailla! Gentle and always smiling, just take a look at her beautiful
smiling face in her wedding pictures! ​

It was an interesting weekend for us as we’d been booked to decorate at 2 separate weddings…all at the
Marriott!! ​

But unlike our other Marriott weddings that weekend, Nailla and Adnan’s wedding was a little different.
For starters, this couple had been in a long distance relationship. Adnan lived in Connecticut, while
Nailla and her family lived in Halifax. ​

Nailla was the last of her siblings to leave the nest. Having grown up in a very close knit family, she lived with her parents until the day she got married. Following the wedding, she’d hop …

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