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A “fresh & fun” wedding at the Ashburn Golf Club!


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I felt honored to be trusted with Anne and Andy’s special day decor.

This couple booked us while they were in China, with Anne’s sister acting as  “event planner extraordinaire!”

I am impressed at the attention to detail in this wedding.

It was fun decorating for their special day as I was given quite a leeway to make design choices and it all came together beautifully.

They are a joy to work with, very amiable and easy to work with, such a delight! And a beautiful couple well suited.

This is the couple’s 3rd “party” for their wedding, having had 2 in China. I think they just love to party and have their loved ones around to celebrate their special day.

Thank you Anne and Andy for allowing us to be a part of your special day.

Venue: Ashburn Golf Club
Design and decorations: Beautiful Linen Rentals
Linen and Decor Rentals: Beautiful Linen Rentals
Wedding Flowers:
Deans flowers (bridal party flowers/bouquet)
Beautiful Linen Rentals (centerpieces, ceremony mason jars and room decor floral)…

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