A Stunning NYE wedding at the Ashburn Golf Club

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Samantha and Matt are one lucky couple who had these near and dear to them usher in the new year along with them on their special day ! With a Disney land proposal, Samantha had the wedding of her dreams!

A perfect day that went without a hiccup, thanks in large part to the amazing wedding planner Claudia Hynes of Details by Claudia that took great care of every little detail!

Our linen and decor got the opportunity to shine with Claudia styling this awesome wedding.

Thanks for allowing us to be a part of your special day Samantha and Matt!


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Venue: Ashburn Golf Club
Photography: Photography by Dana and Nicola Sweeney
Linen and Decor Rentals: Beautiful Linen Rentals
Wedding Planner: Details by Claudia Wedding Planner -Email: planner@detailsbyclaudia.ca

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