A Romantic and Intimate Wedding at the Prince George Hotel-Dana and Nicola Sweeney

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Tanya is the kind of bride every wedding professional dream of! Very easy going, trusting my skill set and allowing me to push the envelop with awesome design! It was pure joy to be able to execute a well crafted room ambiance fit for the center spread of any wedding magazine. The underlying theme here is details, details, details.

With the room completely draped in sheer, its easy to just focus on the matter at hand, no distraction but to enjoy every little details lovingly designed. With around 60 guest in all, this couple spared no expense at really pampering every single guest in attendance on their special day….

With both of them serving our country, I am thrilled the day went perfect as they give unselfishly of themselves so we can  all enjoy freedom and security….

Wishing them both happily ever after.

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Ceremony and Reception Venue-The Prince George Hotel
Photographer-Dana and Nicola Sweeney
Decorator and Decor Rentals- Beautiful Linen Rentals
Wedding Planner- Simply Weddings
Florist- Opsie Daisies Floral
Cake- Cake Babes

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