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      1. something that produces a strong enthusiasm or interest in you

Wife                *                 Mother                   *               Design Enthusiast             *             Little League Coach

Cathy Akinkunmi :   Lead Designer (MBA, iMSIT, IEWP)

My passion….creating and designing breathtaking, magical, amazing and just damn awesome ambiances for couple’s special day. With over 500 wedding spaces transformed in the last few years, I fall more in love with what I do.

I am an incurable romantic. That perfectly sums me up. I truly enjoy working with couples and love when they tell me stories about how they met, fell in love and all that mushy gushy stuff. Yes, my secret pleasure is all about love and relationships. That’s why it’s so easy for me to be as excited about your special day.

Been able to turn my passion into a full-time gig, I am truly thankful.

A very simple girl with a big heart, as such, when working with brides, I often take on the role of event planner and become the voice of comfort that calms and reassures them along the way. On a personal note, I have made developed many friendships that I value very much while working with couples over the months leading up to their special day.

I feel quite fortunate for the opportunity to help create unforgettable memories in this province of unparalleled beauty that I am privileged to call home.

Today, as a true romantic at heart, I have a passion for designing and creating a beautiful ambiance as a background for celebrating your love and romance in one of the most joyous occasions … your wedding!

My Top Faves!

do what you love

Favorite Genre: Country
Favorite Past Time: I would have to say creating “secret” boards of design elements on Pinterest is my all time favorite
Favorite TV Shows: Undercover Boss, Say Yes to the Dress, Four Weddings
Favorite Vacation Destination: The Caribbean (white sands and blue waters!)
Favorite Wedding Trend: Rustic/Vintage, Bohemia/Whimsical
Can’t Live Without: Aside from my family and friends, my Samsung Android!
Favorite Hobby: Settling down to a Romance paperback, Road Trip (anywhere!)
Favorite time of the day: Any time its “family time!” Spending precious time with mine!
Favorite feel Good Moment: The weekly  basketball game with my co-ed team at Halifax Plays!


Certified Event and Wedding Planning Professional

Ghen Atienza: Assistant Team Lead 1

Ghen is our longest serving employee to date. She “grew” with this business and experienced all the ups, downs and lessons learned along the way. I am very lucky to have her working with us.

Ghen has extensive experience in the food, beverage and hospitality industry having worked in these areas in both the Philippines and Canada for a number of years before joining us. She is not the only member of her family with this experience in the hospitality industry. Her hubby is also a chef in the hospitality industry in Halifax.

Ghen brings a diverse perspective to our team that make us rich with knowledge and versatility! While traveling out of the country, I have left all business operations in Ghen’s capable hands, allowing me to enjoy my vacation.

In addition to helping others plan their special day, Ghen had the opportunity to plan her own wedding a couple of years ago. It was an experience she found effortless given all of her knowledge.

Today Ghen is mom to a wonderful little boy and an adorable baby girl (who also happens to be my God daughter!).


asst lead

Sonia Kierstead : Assistant Team Lead 2

Sonia has remarkable experience in branding, marketing and large scale promotional work. Having worked with brands such as Newfoundland Chocolate Company, Starbucks, Coca-cola and Old El Paso, she brings a wealth of knowledge to Beautiful Linen Rentals. She might appear familiar to you if you have visited our booth at any of the bridal shows!

We are indeed fortunate to have her on our team as you can’t ask for a more enthusiastic, energetic assistant lead than Sonia. She loves going the extra mile and is very detailed oriented (every sash bow has to be in place perfectly!). Always reliable and passionate about her work, Sonia is a joy to work with.

Yoga and spending time with family and friends are some of Sonia’s favorite things to do.

asst lead




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