For the love of cake……a taste of heaven in every bite!

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When I set out to style a wedding reception, I am always excited to view the cake. Wedding cakes has evolved into such a work of art! I did a quick digging up of some of the wedding cakes that has graced a number of the venues we have decorated in recent past and I came up with some of these below!!

Any couple note their cake?

(For the record)–Sometimes I do not get to take or receive pictures with cake showcased in them and I also want to keep this objective and not include images of couples cutting their cake that identifies the couples as such I do have a whole lot more beautiful cakes images I did not include.

I also did not include the cake vendors as a few of the cakes I do not quite remember who made them so easier to just keep to the cakes pictures alone. 🙂 Even though I vividly remember every individual couple whose cake is included here as well as the venue these cakes graced!

Which is your favorite cake?



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