A Grand Summer Wedding on the Citadel Hill

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When you are part of something as well coordinated and finely orchestrated as Allison and Charbel’s hilltop wedding, you will be over the moon! I felt super special to be the decorator for this grand celebration of love with their dear ones lovingly supporting them in their declaration of “together forever”.


Oh, I still remember discussing with the couple about that oh! super duper grand tent, the most luxurious ceiling treatment installed by the provinces best and that custom flooring that spans the entire gigantic tent.

With the outside of the tent transformed overnight with fresh lush green sods, it was just so perrrfect!.

Master Chef Rob MacIsaac commanded an impressive food station that will rival any 5 star hotel offering in its selection, taste and presentation. An open bar stocked like none other I have seen stood proudly on one side of the enormous tent, with close to 400 guest pampered for the night, I know this is a big deal!

No detail was left untouched, my take-away was that this couple wanted their guest to have the most enjoyable time sharing in their special day. With so many parts to this grand celebration of love, Kayla with Claudia Habib’s at Simply Weddings took on a laudable role coordinating and it was a joy to work with her on this one, and well, their wealth of experience brought to bear on this like every other events they do provided that peace of mind am sure to the couple!

The love shared by this couple is evident, after all been together over 10 years does say something doesn’t it?, they are on such a strong footing in this institution called marriage I am pretty confident!.

I see them embrace life and having the opportunity of staying in touch with them, I get to brighten my mornings with the chuckles, laughter and sweet antics of little Charbel boy showing up adorably on my computer screen! What a trooper he is!

Wishing this family the best life has in store.



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Reception Venue: The Citadel, Halifax
Wedding Planner: Simply Weddings
Linen and Set up: Beautiful Linen Rentals
Caterer: Rob McIssac
Photographer: Moments In Time Photography
Stationeries: Dim Designs
Florist: South End Florist
Cake: Nadia Jriege


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