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A Beautiful Silver and Navy Blue inspired wedding at the Whitepoint Beach Resort-Somethingoldsomethingnewphotography

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Courtney and Colin are Ā both amazing and just a joy to work with! It was an absolute pleasure to decorate for their special day. Referred to us by her maid of honor who was our client a year before, the day could not have gone any more perfect! The family are so awesome, and it was like they knew us before!

Wishing you both happily ever after!

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A Grand Summer Wedding on the Citadel Hill

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When you are part of something as well coordinated and finely orchestrated as Allison and Charbel’s hilltop wedding, you will be over the moon! I felt super special to be the decorator for this grand celebration of love with their dear ones lovingly supporting them in their declaration of “together forever”.


Oh, I still remember discussing with the couple about that oh! super duper grand tent, the most luxurious ceiling treatment installed by the provinces best and that custom flooring that spans the entire gigantic tent.

With the outside of the tent transformed overnight with fresh lush green sods, it was just so perrrfect!.

Master Chef Rob MacIsaac commanded an impressive food station that will rival any 5 star hotel offering in its selection, taste and presentation. An open bar stocked like none other I have seen stood proudly on one side of the enormous tent, with close to 400 guest pampered for the night, I know this is a big deal!

No detail was left untouched, my take-away was that this couple wanted their guest to …

A Snazzy Black and Gold Wedding at Pier 21-Nicole Lapierre Photography

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What an amazing time my crew and I had designing and styling this wedding at Pier 21, of course one of my fav venue!. Classic black and white stripped runners, black floorlenght linen and oh! all these gold accents we sooo love!
This couple added a lot of personalized details that made it distinctively theirs! I absolutely love among many others the gold maple leaf place cards, very creative.

Marly is truly a beautiful bride inside and out, the time spent working with her were all positive and a real pleasure! So glad I got to work with you both designing and executing your dreams and inspirations of your special day ambiance.

So romantic for the 2 lovebirds to be able to jet off to Vegas right after their special day to enjoy their honeymoon šŸ™‚ .

Wishing you both happily ever after!!



Web_Somers_Nicole_Lapierre_Photography-706-683x1024 Web_Somers_Nicole_Lapierre_Photography-708-1024x683 Web_Somers_Nicole_Lapierre_Photography-709-1024x683 Web_Somers_Nicole_Lapierre_Photography-710-1024x683 Web_Somers_Nicole_Lapierre_Photography-714-683x1024 Web_Somers_Nicole_Lapierre_Photography-718-1024x683 Web_Somers_Nicole_Lapierre_Photography-722-1024x683 Web_Somers_Nicole_Lapierre_Photography-964-1024x683 Web_Somers_Nicole_Lapierre_Photography-966-1024x683 Web_Somers_Nicole_Lapierre_Photography-703-683x1024 Web_Somers_Nicole_Lapierre_Photography-702-683x1024 Web_Somers_Nicole_Lapierre_Photography-701-1024x683



Venue: Pier 21
Photography: Nicole Lapierre Photography
Linen and Decor: Beautiful Linen Rentals
Design and Styling : Beautiful Linen Rentals
Cake: Cake Babes





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A Stunning NYE wedding at the Ashburn Golf Club

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Samantha and Matt are one lucky couple who had these near and dear to them usher in the new year along with them on their special day ! With a Disney land proposal, Samantha had the wedding of her dreams!

A perfect day that went without a hiccup, thanks in large part to the amazing wedding planner Claudia Hynes of Details by Claudia that took great care of every little detail!

Our linen and decor got the opportunity to shine with Claudia styling this awesome wedding.

Thanks for allowing us to be a part of your special day Samantha and Matt!


SamMatt-dnphoto-1-1024x683 SamMatt-dnphoto-4-1024x683 SamMatt-dnphoto-7-683x1024 SamMatt-dnphoto-8-1024x683 SamMatt-dnphoto-9-1024x683 SamMatt-dnphoto-11-1024x683 SamMatt-dnphoto-12-1024x683 SamMatt-dnphoto-14-683x1024 SamMatt-dnphoto-15-1024x683 SamMatt-dnphoto-16-1024x683 SamMatt-dnphoto-17-1024x683 SamMatt-dnphoto-18-1024x683 SamMatt-dnphoto-19-1024x683 SamMatt-dnphoto-20-1024x683 SamMatt-dnphoto-21-1024x683 SamMatt-dnphoto-22-1024x683 SamMatt-dnphoto-23-1024x683 SamMatt-dnphoto-24-1024x683 SamMatt-dnphoto-25-1024x683 SamMatt-dnphoto-26-1024x683 SamMatt-dnphoto-27-1024x683 SamMatt-dnphoto-28-1024x683 SamMatt-dnphoto-31-1024x683


Venue: Ashburn Golf Club
Photography:Ā Photography by Dana and Nicola Sweeney
Linen and Decor Rentals: Beautiful Linen Rentals
Wedding Planner: Details by Claudia Wedding Planner -Email:

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A Truly Elegant Wedding at the Westin Nova Scotian

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Maryam and Remon’s wedding was one to remember! Been a guest at a wedding I decorate, I am always grateful to be able to sit back and enjoy the ambiance the couple and my team worked hard at creating, and I still get amazed at how these all pull together elegantly!

This couple went all out to treat all their over 200 guests to the best in food, drink, service, music and over all ambiance for their special day. A cake that looks too good to be cut was beautifully on display. You can’t improve on perfection, so I know the day could not have been more amazing than it was.

Maryam and Remon it was a pleasure to be your designer/decorator and decor suppliers, as well as a wedding guest with my hubby.

Now that this bride has moved to be with the love of her life in sunny California, I get to enjoy staying in touch and seeing how they are enjoying their life together via social media. With you both I added one more …

Big Fat Greek Wedding-St. George’s Greek Orthodox Church

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Where do I even begin? Shannon and Spiros, your special day weekend was the highlight of my wedding season this year. When you have a couple that are just unbelievably awesome to work with, giving me such latitude on many aspects of the design concept, Ā decor design and execution for close to 400 guests becomes a walk in the park-literally šŸ™‚

Good food, great company and awesome ambiance were my fond memoriesĀ of your special day, thanks for having me and trusting me with your special day decor. It could not have been any more perfect than it was!!

I had fun with my double duty as day of coordinator and as well as been a wedding guest, enjoying the awesome day with my dear hubby. You folks have added to my social capital in this beautiful city.

Wishing you both happily ever after.

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Venue: Greek Orthodox Church, PurcellsĀ Cove
Design and Decoration: Beautiful Linen Rentals
Linen and Decor: Beautiful Linen Rentals
lorist: Oopsie Daisy Floral Design
ake: Cake Babes

A Truly Elegant Wedding at the Olympic Hall Community Centre, Ash & Rich Photography, Applehead Studio


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Indeed we commenced this years’ wedding season’s full decorating on an elegant scale! The pictures speaks to that easily!

Nicole and Chad are an awesome couple to work with, very easy going duo.

It was so much fun to work on transforming the large square footage at the Olympic community hall to an intimate space with over 200 guest enjoying awesome ambiance, excellent food, great music and all around pleasant company.

We wish these two lovebirds a happily ever after…..

nicolechad461_resized1 nicolechad396 nicolechad409_resized2

po nicolechad4758 nicolechad4391 resized_nicolechad408-1001


Reception Venue: Olympic Hall Community CentreĀ ā€ƒ

Photographer: Ash & Rich-Applehead Studio

Venue Design and Decoration: Beautiful Linen Rentals

Decor and Linen Rentals:Ā Beautiful Linen Rentals

Day of Coordination: Simply Weddings

Caterer: Certainly Cinnamon

Ā Florist: Carrie Burgess @ Eden FloralĀ Design
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A fun-filled wedding at the Casino Nova Scotia

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Tracey and Suey are such fun to work with!. I love how they totally trust my design skills to come up with their decor concept and the opportunity to be the first to decorate in that just absolutely gorgeous and new St. Antonios church on Windsor.

I love everything about their decor, Casino Nova Scotia is a favorite of mine to decorate with these awesome staff.

Wishing these 2 lovebirds a happily married after!



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A heart warming celebration of love at the Lord Nelson Hotel

  It was really special to get to decorate for Brianne and Derek's special day. It is quite interesting how I came to meet these 2. Parked at a store they were shopping at, they saw my business sign sticker on my vehicle and gave me a call and the rest is history :-) . Brianne's mom wanted nothing but the dream wedding for her and it was so much joy to execute the Ā space design concept. Brianne is such a trooper, having overcome major life challenges, it is gratifying to see her radiant and enjoying her special day with her major support and rock beside her (Derek). This family will always have a special place in my heart. I have the pleasure of staying in touch with them through connecting on social media and it gladdens me they are living life to the full and enjoying every bit of it! Wishing them happily ever after.   12895312_10154114382147094_1603048775_n 12895372_10154114382152094_1920098219_n 12899947_10154114382227094_1977829078_n 12899981_10154114382247094_1015812362_n 12900163_10154114382157094_652545338_n 12910944_10154114378342094_1779740246_n 12910949_10154114382222094_1524958691_n 12919084_10154114378337094_391844215_n (1) 12919084_10154114378337094_391844215_n 12919102_10154114382237094_1334954854_n 12919267_10154114382257094_277672352_n 12920881_10154114382232094_1979325673_n 12920967_10154114382217094_1586574404_n 12921024_10154114382212094_1024156748_n 12935330_10154114382242094_448346547_n 12935385_10154114382207094_1061507556_n post post2 post3       post4Vendors Venue- The Lord Nelson Hotel Wedding Decorator and Designer- Beautiful Linen Rentals Decor, linen, seating chart -Ā Beautiful Linen Rentals Photographer- Kristyn Smith Photography DJ- Brooks DJ Entertainment Flowers: Props Floral Design Cake- RaeAnn Thompson Make Up-Chelsea wheeler make up artistry    

Aladdin & Jasmine-The Lord Nelson Hotel:The Bespoke Wedding Event

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We are honored to be invited to collaborate once again with top wedding vendors in NS on this event to demo a themed wedding decor.

Claudia Habib, of Simply Weddings, the brain behind this event and a wedding planner extraordinaire had a great concept we jointly executed and the pictures speaks for itself!

Maritime Videography


Design Concept-Claudia Habib
Decorator-Beautiful Linen Rentals and Simply Weddings
Rentals-Linen, decor, backdrop-Beautiful Linen Rentals
………More collaborators listed at the bottom of the post

Michelle-Doucette-Bespoke-2016-01 Michelle-Doucette-Bespoke-2016-02 Michelle-Doucette-Bespoke-2016-03 Michelle-Doucette-Bespoke-2016-04 Michelle-Doucette-Bespoke-2016-06 Michelle-Doucette-Bespoke-2016-09 Michelle-Doucette-Bespoke-2016-11 (1) Michelle-Doucette-Bespoke-2016-11 Michelle-Doucette-Bespoke-2016-12 Michelle-Doucette-Bespoke-2016-13 Michelle-Doucette-Bespoke-2016-14 Michelle-Doucette-Bespoke-2016-15 Michelle-Doucette-Bespoke-2016-22 Michelle-Doucette-Bespoke-2016-24 Michelle-Doucette-Bespoke-2016-25 Michelle-Doucette-Bespoke-2016-26 Michelle-Doucette-Bespoke-2016-27 Michelle-Doucette-Bespoke-2016-34 Michelle-Doucette-Bespoke-2016-39 Michelle-Doucette-Bespoke-2016-44 Michelle-Doucette-Bespoke-2016-47 Michelle-Doucette-Bespoke-2016-48 Michelle-Doucette-Bespoke-2016-49 Michelle-Doucette-Bespoke-2016-51

Michelle Doucette Photography
Simply Weddings, Nova Scotia
Beautiful Linen Rentals
Trinity’s Florals
MacFarlands Special Events
Golden Dog
Wild cakes
DiM Designs Wedding Stationery
Chester & Felicity
HS Studio SalonSpa
Vicky Mina Makeup Artistry
House of Moda
The Lord Nelson Hotel and Suite




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