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Hi! I'm Cathy, I love designing and creating, mom to 4 adorable kids, quite fortunate to have a hubby that enables me to thrive. I am passionate about all things wedding. With many-a- wedding spaces transformed over the past few years, I love to share my experiences along this exciting journey. I embrace the opportunity to relive past wedding designs, to 'connect', share insights on wedding inspirations, share my personal journey and this work I have come to love so dearly, helping couples' dreams come true on their special day!

An Authentic Celebration of Love and Culture at the Bedford Basin Farmers Market-Steph Mackinnon Photography

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This couple may look familiar to you, if so that’s probably because they are featured on the front cover of the just released Halifax Wedding magazine Spring 2018 edition. I am so honored to be the decorator for this beautiful couple!

This couple are near and dear to my heart. I have known Odette for many years, and I was honored when she reached out to me just immediately she got proposed to in helping set the ambiance that will truly reflect both cultures. This wedding has to take place soon as they both want to begin their life together ASAP!

A love affair from Dalhousie University, and years of travelling back and forth Halifax to Bermuda and vice versa with her Bermuda groom, this is such a happy ending to finally be able to be together happily ever after.

With Odette originally from Togo in West Africa and Cal from Bermuda, its a rich mesh of culture and this couple wanted nothing short of celebrating this union.

From the Throne Area and seat for the …

An Exquisite Wedding at the Halifax Seaport Farmers Market- Kristyn Smith Photography

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As day of decor coordinator and decorator/stylist I had so much fun with this wedding! The Monday after the wedding, Erin showed up at my doorstep with a unique basket of assorted goodies, I still have the basket on my vanity as it has a chalkboard side i loved.

I think I made a beautiful acquaintance in these couples. Wishing you both Happily Ever After!


Venue- Halifax Seaport Farmers Market
Day of Decor Coordination and Decorator- Beautiful Linen Rentals & Design
Photography- Kristyn Smith Photography
DJ- Nitelife DJ




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I think I made a beautiful acquaintance in these couples. Wishing you both Happily Ever After!



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A Charming Wedding at the Westin Nova Scotia-Topher & Rae Studios

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Lisa and Corey’s wedding decor was one I enjoyed so much as I also created all the greenery for the tables and many other areas we hung these at, a special one for sure!. I enjoyed working with them, Lisa meet me at a bridal show and booked me within 10 minutes of talking her inspiration over with me, now how can I not be partial to her!

Wishing them both happily ever after.



Topher-Rae-Studios-180-684x1024 Topher-Rae-Studios-676-684x1024 Topher-Rae-Studios-677-1024x684 Topher-Rae-Studios-678-1024x684 Topher-Rae-Studios-683-1-1024x684 Topher-Rae-Studios-688-1024x684 Topher-Rae-Studios-699-1024x684 Topher-Rae-Studios-708-1-1024x684 Topher-Rae-Studios-708-1024x684 Topher-Rae-Studios-727-1024x684 Topher-Rae-Studios-735-684x1024 Topher-Rae-Studios-741-1024x684 Topher-Rae-Studios-749-1024x684 Topher-Rae-Studios-1017-1-1024x684


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A Grand Celebration of Love at the Olympic Hall Community Center

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Veronica and Haysom are one couple I am so glad I met! Both extremely easy going and trusting me with their decor choices and all. It was such a pleasure working with this very easy going couple.

With over 300 guests to pamper for the night, the day turned out to be absolutely perfect!

The color choices was spot on for the vibe they were going for. Oh that majestic ceiling draping is swoon worthy! So much fun putting together the backdrop that became the backdrop to their epic silhouette photo. Pictures are worth more than a thousand words.

Thank you Veronica and Haysom for allowing us to be a part of setting an awesome ambiance for your special day.

Wishing you both happily ever after.16708328_10154885907986827_2081785867020819185_n 17353384_10154997541931827_4471455596461374266_n 17424931_10155015904876827_7528720143303157606_n 17426066_10155015907116827_2738488463624244771_n 17426197_10155015805331827_4835231832092204007_n 17457948_10155015806956827_8089473389700725384_n 17457990_10155015700756827_2648059466876537364_n 17458279_10155015835426827_673163706904539553_n 17458450_10155015815356827_1518809862610752939_n 17498471_10155015660451827_8857816406228350925_n 17498791_10155016074046827_9060662115999862289_n 17499061_10155015813721827_6252580102553394148_n 17499243_10155015789151827_4075338550671603563_n 17499394_10155015652631827_2704922026746708881_n 17499531_10155015802601827_8348156287828856745_n 17522645_10155015834746827_4446364931152469214_n 17522778_10155016121771827_2564211547022227211_n 17522962_10155016151931827_8671297958403485887_n 17553580_10155015780066827_962634343948450668_n 17553594_10155016068061827_2207056041981402663_n 17553709_10155015792246827_5292918642142010617_n 17553763_10155016010406827_6002133374723969966_n 17553846_10155015804196827_6959413521548563012_n 17553934_10155015700206827_7980643874083100786_n 18254315_10155132102751827_502879180_n 18280240_10155132103116827_619168256_n 18280615_10155132104026827_722274568_n



Venue: Olympic Hall Community Hall
Photographer:Dustin Hall Photography
Decorator and Rentals:Beautiful Linen Rentals
Florist: South End Florist/Inglis Floral world



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A Beautiful Summer Wedding at the Lord Nelson Hotel & Suites-Jaclyn Doyle Photography

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SA-Wedding-Reception-4 SA-Wedding-Reception-2 SA-Wedding-Reception-110 SA-Wedding-Reception-70 SA-Wedding-Reception-20 SA-Wedding-Reception-12 SA-Wedding-Reception-10 SA-Wedding-Reception-6 SA-Wedding-Reception-5 SA-Wedding-Reception-1


Alan and Siobhan’s  wedding decor is one I am so thrilled to blog on.  A testament that even keeping it simple can definitely result in a well put together and classy room ambiance for the special day.

This couple were easy to work with, booking us from out of province, thank you for trusting us with your special day decor. And they get to enjoy the newly renovated Lord Nelson Hotel ballroom!

Wishing them both happily ever after!SA-Wedding-BridalParty-2 SA-Wedding-BridalParty-11 SA-Wedding-BridalParty-13 SA-Wedding-BridalParty-23 SA-Wedding-BridalParty-25 SA-Wedding-BridalParty-29 SA-Wedding-BridalParty-54 SA-Wedding-BridalParty-55 SA-Wedding-BridalParty-56 SA-Wedding-BridalParty-60 SA-Wedding-BridalParty-65 SA-Wedding-BridalParty-85 SA-Wedding-BridalParty-86 SA-Wedding-BridalParty-87 SA-Wedding-BridalParty-88 SA-Wedding-Ceremony-23 SA-Wedding-Ceremony-33 SA-Wedding-Ceremony-56 SA-Wedding-Ceremony-92 SA-Wedding-Ceremony-93 SA-Wedding-Ceremony-98 SA-Wedding-LadiesPrep-8 SA-Wedding-LadiesPrep-13 SA-Wedding-LadiesPrep-14 SA-Wedding-LadiesPrep-16 SA-Wedding-LadiesPrep-17 SA-Wedding-LadiesPrep-18 SA-Wedding-LadiesPrep-19 SA-Wedding-LadiesPrep-21 SA-Wedding-LadiesPrep-22 SA-Wedding-LadiesPrep-23 SA-Wedding-LadiesPrep-25 SA-Wedding-LadiesPrep-26 SA-Wedding-LadiesPrep-34 SA-Wedding-LadiesPrep-38 SA-Wedding-LadiesPrep-59 SA-Wedding-LadiesPrep-60 SA-Wedding-Reception-1 SA-Wedding-Reception-2 SA-Wedding-Reception-4 SA-Wedding-Reception-5 SA-Wedding-Reception-6 SA-Wedding-Reception-10 SA-Wedding-Reception-12 SA-Wedding-Reception-20 SA-Wedding-Reception-70 SA-Wedding-Reception-110tifu

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A Beautiful Silver and Navy Blue inspired wedding at the Whitepoint Beach Resort-Somethingoldsomethingnewphotography

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Courtney and Colin are  both amazing and just a joy to work with! It was an absolute pleasure to decorate for their special day. Referred to us by her maid of honor who was our client a year before, the day could not have gone any more perfect! The family are so awesome, and it was like they knew us before!

Wishing you both happily ever after!

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An awesome Collaborative Styled Shoot at the Atlantica Hotel Halifax, showcasing “The Commons”

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The “commons” is such a lovely room to decorate, very intimate for these looking for such ambiance. It was such delight to work with awesome vendors to showcase this beautiful space.

Trina McCarthy at the Atlantica Hotel Halifax is such a joy to work with, she pulled off 2 fantastic styled shoot to showcase their spaces and nothing could have been done any better or improved as far as my eyes can see, it was perfect!!!

The Atlantica is such a great wedding and event location and facility and the staff are just as awesome and warm!


ah_styledshoot-131 ah_styledshoot-132 ah_styledshoot-133 ah_styledshoot-71 ah_styledshoot-76 ah_styledshoot-87 ah_styledshoot-90 ah_styledshoot-93 (1) ah_styledshoot-95 ah_styledshoot-111 ah_styledshoot-113 ah_styledshoot-114 ah_styledshoot-122-2 ah_styledshoot-128 ah_styledshoot-131 ah_styledshoot-132 ah_styledshoot-133

Vendor List (“The Commons” Shoot)

Venue: Atlantica Hotel Halifax
Styling & Design: Beautiful Linen Rentals
Linen & Decor: Beautiful Linen Rentals
Photographer: Kristyn Smith Photography
DJ : True North DJ
Stationery: DIM Stationery
Florist: Humble burdock Farms
Florist: TL Yorke Floral design
Favors: Treelings
Flower crown: OH Dina!
Models: City Models

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Elegant Guild Hall Showcase! A Classy Collaborative Styled Shoot at the Atlantica Hotel Halifax

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This year I seem to be involved in a number of editorials. Maybe am enjoying seeing prettiness so much or my industry friends just love to have me on their project, but whatever it is I kept very busy during the winter months with these stylized shoots that the winter months speed by and now we are right at the start of the exciting wedding season! By the way, we have every week-end booked for wedding set up from now till November so no snoozing for this girl and her fabulous team! Hopefully I can sneak a vacation week in somewhere…hint, hint 🙂

Trina is the lovely wedding coordinator for the Atlantica Hotel Halifax on Robie and it was so awesome to work with her, shes so easy and sweet!!!

And why won’t you enjoy stylized shoot when its burger week and the Atlantica Hotel provided us a complimentary meal with the delicious burger at their fine restaurant.

So fun to get to sit for a long leisurely lunch with vendor friends, some i just met …

A Grand Summer Wedding on the Citadel Hill

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When you are part of something as well coordinated and finely orchestrated as Allison and Charbel’s hilltop wedding, you will be over the moon! I felt super special to be the decorator for this grand celebration of love with their dear ones lovingly supporting them in their declaration of “together forever”.


Oh, I still remember discussing with the couple about that oh! super duper grand tent, the most luxurious ceiling treatment installed by the provinces best and that custom flooring that spans the entire gigantic tent.

With the outside of the tent transformed overnight with fresh lush green sods, it was just so perrrfect!.

Master Chef Rob MacIsaac commanded an impressive food station that will rival any 5 star hotel offering in its selection, taste and presentation. An open bar stocked like none other I have seen stood proudly on one side of the enormous tent, with close to 400 guest pampered for the night, I know this is a big deal!

No detail was left untouched, my take-away was that this couple wanted their guest to …

Stunning collaborative stylized shoot at the Million $ View (The Armdale Yatch Club)

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Thanks to the awesome Rebecca Clarke of Rebecca Clarke Emotive Photographer, pictures they say is worth more than a thousand words.

It was such fun and that’s not a cliche when I said I truly enjoyed collaborating with these vendors listed below this blog post to shoot this stylized venue showcase of the million $ view Armdale Yatch Club.

This location is ideal for your nuptial, Chef Andy Thomson is the resident chef for the club, with his many years of experience in the food & beverage industry, I have had the pleasure of him been the caterer for weddings I have decorated in the past and the feedback from these clients has been just awesome!

Still on the “hunt” for a wedding venue? Give them a call and see if your date is still available! –AYC

Linen, decor and styling by Beautiful Linen Rentals & Design


Beautiful Linen Rentals – Linen & Decor
Make Merry Events -Gold Flatware
Horizons Catering by Chef Andy Thompson -Catering (Armdale Yatch Club)
DiM Designs Wedding Stationary -Stationery…

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