A charming glitzy wedding at the Holiday Inn Harbourview

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Anna and Jordan are a lovely couple I am lucky to have met. Anna is full of energy and I believe I have only seen her smile or laugh, that’s how much positive aura she brings to your life!

Super excited about her special day, I can vividly recollect and wanting it to be the perfect day, she set out to achieve what turned out to be a stunning ambiance for her guest and family. The picture tells the whole story.

This DIY bride with the help of our linen and decor and some she curated herself was able to turn her wedding day to a swoon worthy picturesque one. She epitomizes my thought that every bride needs some bling in her life 🙂 , as her special day was not missing any of the bling, and of course with that touch of class that makes it hers.

I have the pleasure of keeping in touch with this couple via social media… Anna’s sure a busy lady!

Wishing them both Happily Ever After!


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Venue: Holiday Harbourview, Dartmouth

Photography: Kevin & Christine photography

Linen: Beautiful Linen Rentals

Cake: Amy Muench @ Cake Babes

Florist: Blossoms Flowers


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