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An Authentic Celebration of Love and Culture at the Bedford Basin Farmers Market-Steph Mackinnon Photography



This couple may look familiar to you, if so that’s probably because they are featured on the front cover of the just released Halifax Wedding magazine Spring 2018 edition. I am so honored to be the decorator for this beautiful couple!

This couple are near and dear to my heart. I have known Odette for many years, and I was honored when she reached out to me just immediately she got proposed to in helping set the ambiance that will truly reflect both cultures. This wedding has to take place soon as they both want to begin their life together ASAP!

A love affair from Dalhousie University, and years of travelling back and forth Halifax to Bermuda and vice versa with her Bermuda groom, this is such a happy ending to finally be able to be together happily ever after.

With Odette originally from Togo in West Africa and Cal from Bermuda, its a rich mesh of culture and this couple wanted nothing short of celebrating this union.

From the Throne Area and seat for the King and his …


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