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Aladdin & Jasmine-The Lord Nelson Hotel:The Bespoke Wedding Event


We are honored to be invited to collaborate once again with top wedding vendors in NS on this event to demo a themed wedding decor.

Claudia Habib, of Simply Weddings, the brain behind this event and a wedding planner extraordinaire had a great concept we jointly executed and the pictures speaks for itself!

Maritime Videography


Design Concept-Claudia Habib
Decorator-Beautiful Linen Rentals and Simply Weddings
Rentals-Linen, decor, backdrop-Beautiful Linen Rentals
………More collaborators listed at the bottom of the post

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Michelle Doucette Photography
Simply Weddings, Nova Scotia
Beautiful Linen Rentals
Trinity’s Florals
MacFarlands Special Events
Golden Dog
Wild cakes
DiM Designs Wedding Stationery
Chester & Felicity
HS Studio SalonSpa
Vicky Mina Makeup Artistry
House of Moda
The Lord Nelson Hotel and Suite





A Charming Summer Wedding at the Dalhousie Club


2.6 This couple knew they wanted their special day to go off without a hitch and at the same time enjoy the moments leading up to their “I do”. Even though they had rented all their decor and linen from us at the beginning, closer to the day they contacted us to see if we are available to set it up and take it down. A week-end with 2 other weddings, we pulled it off with the help of the Dal club facility staffs that were gracious with timing allowances and it turned out perfect!!

A beautiful summer day, with light streaming in through the glass panes of the architectural beauty of the old law library, its majestic exposed beams and high ceilings a perfect setting for the vibe this couple were going for. What a charming space!

We enjoyed decorating for their special day. Wishing both Jennifer and Jeffrey a happily ever after!

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Venue: Dal Club
Decoration and Linen: Beautiful Linen Rentals
Florist: Twig and Twine Floristry
Photographer: Partridge Photography


From the bride!..

Hi Cathy!
I just …


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