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An Authentic Rustic Wedding at the Hubbards Barn

From the moment I met with Elise and Andrew and had the pleasure of discussing about their wedding and decor with them I was hooked!
They were one of the very few couples I literally waited with bathed breath to hear back from. When I received an email with them desiring to book us for their wedding, I did a happy dance around the showroom. Why?  because I was just waiting for the opportunity to design an authentic rustic wedding ambiance, having rented to a number of couples with this theme and having set up a number of these as well but in banquet halls and such, it was a pleasure to decorate this barn wedding. Working with this couple was a breeze, Elise and Andrew really were both easy to collaborate with…
Now that beautiful October day ended up been a beautiful and rainy October day. Our outdoor wedding ceremony plans changed quickly when it was clear the rain will not let up, none the less it was perfect in every sense.
There was luckily a designated indoor ceremony

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