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An Elegant Rustic “Destination” Wedding!


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Dorothy and Corey Clarke’s Special Day (Blush Pink & Gold)

In a number of ways, this was a destination wedding of a different sort!

Our bride Dorothy lives in Sarnia, Ontario and was coming to Nova Scotia to marry her sweetheart.

She contacted us almost one year prior to her wedding date. She inquired about our availability, and whether or not we could accommodate a wedding at The Digby Pines Resort. She wanted a beautiful elegant and rustic wedding theme. At the time I wasn’t quite sure I wanted to be away from Halifax for that weekend as it’s typically a very busy weekend for bookings. So I sent her an email and introduced her to another industry friend of mine who she could work with.

A few months later Dorothy emailed me back and specified that she wanted me to set up her special day decor.

After many phone calls, emails and photo exchanges, we had a design concept in place. I LOVED all of Dorothy’s


A Love Story Across the Island of Bermuda…… Barbara and Shaun Dill’s Romantic Wedding Affair!


A simple romantic wedding story!

A ” First look” clip…………………So sweet!


Hello Readers, welcome to the month of May and our love story blog this month! Thank you for stopping by!

The perk about this job is that you get to experience things and meet people that stay with you for a long time and in a good way. Barbara and Shaun were one of these couples.

Barbara lives in Halifax but is originally from Ghana. Shaun is from the Bermuda. This love birds met in class at The Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax, interesting that they both have to come thousands of miles from their original homeland for their paths to cross and to make love happens, that is destiny! Even though Shaun graduated and moved back to Bermuda, this relationship endured all the challenges of a long distance relationship, their beautiful love story bloomed for several years, with Shaun proposing to Barbara on her visit to the Island 4 years from that first fated meeting in a winter class at the Mount! Their special …


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