A DIY decorating with much love!!!

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When you take a large blank slate and turn it into an awesome ambiance, you should feel well accomplished.

Lynn’s decor is one of these that started off our wedding season this year. This bride had the pleasure of decorating for her special day as I was unavailable on this week-end (I was sipping pina colada in the 30 degrees sunshine with family at a Dominican Republic Resort…yeah, life is hard 🙂 )

But Lynn is a trooper and with the dream team she has assembled, was able to swag her head table in ways only a seasoned decorator can pull off (a little birdie told me there were lots of hours spent doing it, but the end result is soooo worth it!) and as the picture shows, backdrop and ceiling drapes just as we do them…. and does someone love burgundy?

Thanks to tons of emails we nailed down every single decor and linen in the design concept. I definitely did not want them to come back all the way from Pictou county to pick up some overlooked decor/linen so we booked in extras of many things and they made use of these for added effect!

I am partial to this couple for reasons known to me… so I will just have to say I am so glad I got to meet a client that has turned out to be a friend (we have a joke between us about tall girls needing to stick together….hahaha). And its a pleasure meeting Pannel, both so well suited to each other! Meeting them months later I still feel the newly married glow all over them still… good stuffs.

I wish both Mr and Mrs Chindalo happily ever after!

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